the blog

LimitException started back in 2011, about a year into my Salesforce journey.

The title makes reference to a type of exception thrown by Apex in the Salesforce core platform. When you reach one of the governor limits, you’ll get a ‘LimitException’, and you’ll have to find another way :)

At the time I created this blog I was day to day developing on the Platform and it seemed like a playful name for a blog as I described my experiences.

I’m a lot less hands on with the technology now, focusing more on architecture and design and the business value aspects, so I’m doing a lot more ‘thought leadership’ than the how-to.

This blog is also more focused on general technology, in particular, its a test bed for my experiments with AWS - part of my continuing technical education.

and about me

I’m a Managing Director with Accenture, and I help run our Salesforce Business Group across Australia and New Zealand. You can find more and reach me via LinkedIn or follow me as @sherod on Twitter

All the best!

Steven HerodSeptember 2020.