I picked up a copy of ‘Force.com Development Blueprints’ on Friday and I wanted to share some of my first impressions.

The book contains five blueprints:

  1. Building a Salesforce community
  2. An online store using Force.com and Heroku
  3. A traditional CRM application
  4. A reporting system with custom dashboards
  5. A Force.com Mobile SDK application using Android and Microsoft Azure!

The first thing that surprised me was the technical breadth of the book, it’s not often you find one text that touches on Force.com, Android Development, Heroku, Azure and Angular.js. On this basis I think ‘Salesforce1 Development Blueprints’ may have been a more appropriate title.

The use of the word ‘Blueprint’ in the title of the book is, however, entirely accurate as these solutions are effectively reference architectures for the each of blueprint’s problem domain. They are the starting point from which you could build out your own solutions.

The book’s foreword states that it is targeted at ‘Intermediate Visualforce developers’ but I think its audience is much greater than that. Readers with a non-Salesforce development background may find this book quite useful as it quickly demonstrates the nature and style of solutions that you can build on the Salesforce1 Platform.

It’s currently on sale thanks to a Packt deal, and for $10 the ebook version is fantastic value (and the book is still good value at full price). You can buy it direct from Packt.