I’ve wanted to visit Portland for some time, for no specific reason apart from the fact I really do love the Pacific North West of the United States. I guess I’m just a sucker for rain, trees and weirdness.

So when good friend and Forcelandia Organizer Angela Mahoney invited me to Forcelandia (Several times) I decided to take a week off work and cross the Pacific for 5 days of Salesforce, relaxation and fun.

This wasn’t my first Salesforce Community Event, last year I attended Mid-West Dreamin and found I really enjoyed a more laid back smaller scale Salesforce event over the usual official madness, especially from a learning perspective.

For those unfamiliar with Forcelandia you might be surprised to know it is their 3rd year and for the first time it was a two day event.

The conference itself is held at the Kennedy School in North — East Portland. The School is an old Elementary School converted into a Hotel / Event Center. It’s wonderfully eclectic mix of an American School straight from a movie set, local history, art and Portland weirdness that makes it truly unique and homely. (Keynote’s involve sitting in the theater, on couches!).

Life Lesson from Jeff Douglas

Life Lesson from Jeff Douglas

Highlights of my two days were talks and keynotes by Shawna Wolverton, Kevin Poorman, Bonnie Hines, Jeff Douglas and Greg Rewis. I heard Simon Goodyear’s presentation was good, but since I was giving my own presentation on ‘From Developer to Architect’ I unfortunately missed it.

I’ll be giving the same presentation at Down Under Dreaming.in a few weeks, after that I might record the audio of the version and upload it to the net for all.

Next year’s timing has yet to be announced, but if you are interested in a relaxed but educational couple of days in a beautiful location I strongly encourage you to attend if you have the time to make the trip!

And thanks to the sponsors!