3 years ago I woke up to an email letting me know that I’d been selected to be a Salesforce MVP. I was, and still am, surprised and flattered by the recognition. For the past 3 years I’ve been proud to help represent the community.

Time marches on and everything that begins must end so this week I informed Salesforce that I’ve chosen to step down from the program.

There isn’t one specific reason for this, it’s more a collection of reasons that cross the personal and professional spectrum. These range from the personal time/effort commitment I felt I needed to make to be a meaningful participant in the community to the need to represent more than a single technology in my professional life. I feel if I can’t give my all to something then its best to simply focus on the things I can and recover the mental capacity and time to invest in other areas.

A few people have been aware of this decision prior to this blog post and I’ve been asked a few questions which can be summed up in two different ways:

What am I not doing any more?

  • Being a member of the Salesforce MVP program.
  • Co-running the Sydney Salesforce Developer Group.

What am I continuing to do?

  • Speaking at the Salesforce World Tour in Melbourne in April
  • Working with Salesforce day to day.
  • Continuing my work with Matt Lacey on the Code Coverage podcast.
  • Being active on twitter as @sherod and continuing my twitter war with @thechrisduarte
  • Having a beer with anyone in the community.

Being a member of the program was a privilege, I have met and developed friendships with a wide range of people, friendships I plan on continuing.

I’ll also be continuing to use the bag I received, at least until I can buy a new one :)