People who stand out tend to show the following criteria:

  1. Intelligence, curiosity and a track record of learning and adapting.
  2. Enthusiasm for technology and for being able to use it to solve real world problems.
  3. Excellent communication skills, i.e being able to write well, speak confidently and explain concepts clearly.
  4. Mastery of the area of competence you claim to have. (If you rate yourself a 10 out of 10, you better wow me!)
  5. An understanding of the big picture and the minor details, ie. both strategic and tactical thinking.
  6. No signs of entitlement and hubris.

Also, if you send off a generic message (that you wrote in 15 seconds) in order to ask me to spend a couple of minutes reading your LinkedIn profile in order to figure out who you are and how you fit in then I’m probably not going to be motivated to reach back out to you. I’m sorry, but my time is as important as yours and in the job application process the onus is on you to take the time to sell yourself. That initial contact goes a long way to proving to me your ability to fulfil the criteria above.

Of course, you might ask, what do you get in working for me?

  1. Membership with a great group of expert technical staff and access to the largest Salesforce consulting team in Australia.
  2. Participation in our Advanced Developer and Certified Technical Architect development programs.
  3. A well paid job (above market rates and bonus) working on some of the most interesting consulting projects currently going on in Australia.