Early in my time with with Salesforce I found the blog of Keir Bowden (Aka ‘Bob Buzzard’) and his list of Salesforce qualifications (all of them) and set it as a benchmark for myself to try to achieve.

I got the chance to meet him at the MVP summit and he turns out to be a great guy to boot, so I was pleased to find Keir and Packt Publishing have been busy preparing a book in time for Dreamforce called ‘Visualforce Development Cookbook’.

The book is a concise summary of all the techniques you (eventually) develop yourself when working with Visualforce. It’s not exaggeration that if this had been around when I’d started out I would have saved myself a considerable amount of time and more than a few mistakes. That said, the book still taught me a few tricks I didn’t realise you could do. (Passing action methods to VF components? I must have missed that one…)

Containing 87 Recipes broken into 9 sections it covers pretty much everything you can do with Visualforce and then a little more (it branches out into jQuery Mobile toward the end.)

Titled a ‘Cookbook’ it should be read like one — that is, not cover to cover, but rather by checking the index for a recipe that suits your problem and then jumping straight to the solution. This means that each recipe does contain a bit of repetition as it steps you through the common steps of creating VF pages or Controllers but you can always quickly switch to the ‘How it works’ section to get to the meat of the solution.

There are few books on Visualforce and even fewer resource devoted to providing specific advice on how to achieve the common things one needs to do in Visualforce. That gap has now well and truly been fulfilled by the Visualforce Development Cookbook I would recommend it for any VF developer (I learned a few things myself) but I would especially recommend it for those who want to advance a development team’s ability to quickly build best practice Visualforce pages.

It’s priced at $US25.49 for the ebook and $US49.95 for the Printed copy + ebook. You can get it from Packt directly in the online store.