Three years ago I said ‘yes’ to an opportunity to start working with Salesforce. I made a conscious decision to the throw myself into thoroughly understanding the product and its technology.

It was soon after starting that journey that I discovered Salesforce is as much a community as it is a product or a technology platform, one that spans from Melbourne to Newfoundland and from London to Mumbai.

Nothing has made that more apparent to me than the last couple of days where, as a guest of I joined 88 of the 100 odd Salesforce MVP’s at a hotel in San Francisco to discuss not only Salesforce’s confidential plans and ideas for the future but also for them to openly gather our feedback on what they were getting right and wrong.

It is easy to be cynical in the commercial world about motivations but it seemed obvious to me that from the top (Parker Harris in this case, who spent the day with us) Salesforce is driven to recognise its flaws, to do its best and to constantly improve based on the feedback of its customers as quickly as they can humanly do so.

I wanted to write this post to express a thank you; to thank Cloud Sherpas Australia’s management Aly Tennant and Paul Mansfield for supporting my trip; to my fellow MVPs for being such a passionate and friendly group of people; and to and its staff, in particular Matt Brown but also everybody else who helped out officially and unofficially both before, during and after the day of the summit.

Finally Marc Benioff, Parker Harris and the Salesforce management team for doing that most important thing when it comes to making things happen; saying ‘yes’.