To be honest, this is probably the certification exam that I prepared the least for. I probably spent about 1–2 days just reading over SSO concepts, reading the Large Data Volume documentation and checking the capabilities and limits of the various integration APIs.

The 60 Questions took around 45 minutes (In comparison, the Service and Sales cloud exams took me < 30 minutes or so). Here are my pointers:

  • Know why you do it one way, not just the what.
  • Have a knowledge of the capabilities of the various toolkits SF offers (Mobile SDK, etc)
  • Get a good grasp on network security concepts like firewalls, DMZ, port forwarding, NAT and what features SF offers.
  • Understand the synchronous and asynchronous integration methods
  • Know when you’d not use Salesforce for reporting.
  • Understand SSO, Delegated Authentication and some of the little use case tricks with both.
  • Understand how an hybrid solution could work (mixing functionality and data between SF and another app and in particular, how authentication could work).
  • Internationalization (language and currency related issues).
  • Oddly specific questions about Apex and its OO concept support
  • Sandboxes / Version control

Thats about it. I’d say my background definitely helped having previously had experience with a broad range of things (Networking, Security, Integration, Data Warehousing) and about 2 years SF experience (DEV/ADV DEV/Sales/Service cloud cert.)

I be doubtful you could cram for it with only a little SF experience or without a broader IT background (Which, I think, is the point of the Certification)

On to Dreamforce ’12 and the TA Review Board hopefully!