I’m easily distracted.

I wrote a blog post recently about quieting down my iPhone, removing notifications and badges and generally reducing the number of bids for attention that my devices make.

But, it doesn’t solve another problem, out of habit or…. compulsion I will find myself checking Facebook, Twitter and a couple of low quality (i.e. high click-bait) news sites during any spare moment (elevators, coffee line, anytime I’m breathing…) and it is in these compulsions I’ll lose myself, not just for the time I spent reading, but the time I spend thinking about what I read.

It’s impossible to engage with a number of topics without them overflowing into your thoughts, there is always some injustice (real, or imagined) some outrage (real… or imagined) or something just outright stupid which jumps into your brain. Tweet by tweet, post by post I find minutes of my day slipping away or a look left on my face which raises the fateful question from my spouse… “What’s wrong?” with my weak reply “Oh, just something I read on the Internet….”.

I’ve had this issue before and I fixed it for several months, but over the holidays I relapsed, so its back to the structure — I’ve removed Twitter from my portable devices and I’ve made use of iPhone restrictions to block some of the usual time wasting websites.

I’ve done this before and found it, quite quickly, frees up my head space, quietens my thoughts and increases my intent in the things I was doing between the compulsive checking.

And no harm can come of that.