Since, in my opinion, all technical folk eventually evolve to giving lifestyle advice I figured I’d jump in early and get mine out of the way early :)

Lately I’ve decided to be far more methodical with the consumption and redistribution of information I come across. Typically I would read articles and news in a fairly haphazard manner and then manually in inconsistently pass this on to others.

Thanks to a combination of cloud based services and iPhone/iPad apps I’ve managed to consolidate my workflow into the diagram below.

The key components are:

  • Buffer— for delayed retweeting (I don’t want to spam wildly)
  • Pocket— for excellent offline reading (Formerly ‘Read it Later’)
  • IFTTT— for wiring up the various services to each other
  • Chrome— because its my preferred browser and both Pocket and Buffer integrate with it.
  • Google Reader— Often via Feedly, for consuming RSS feeds from my blog list
  • Chatter— to redistribute my links and blog posts automatically on to ProQuest’s internal Chatter group.

I’m finding myself reading a lot more and actioning that information in a much more orderly manner. As a side affect of using Buffer I’m also seeing what people are interested in the most… as it turns out those ‘5 ways you can..’ ‘7 reasons not to’ articles are far more popular that straight out technical postings!

A fact I may have ruthlessly exploited for this blog title ;)