Ideally a job interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge and to convince your prospective employer you have the right attitude, the right knowledge and the right experience to fulfill their requirements.

One hopes that each new position should be some kind of advancement, either in salary or responsibility (or ideally both).

Naturally there is competition in this process from other candidates, this competition and your own internal doubt can and should drive you to prepare for an interview so you can present your best self when the time comes.

I do this by revising my own notes, by preparing mentally with examples of my own work and to consciously bring things that I might have squirreled away to the front of my mind so that I’m ready for the question when it comes.

What I don’t try and do is memorize rote answers to questions based on a guess of what I think people are going to ask. I view it as a form of lying and as well as being disingenuous it can be quickly seen through by an experienced interviewer.

So this blog won’t contain interview questions and answers for you to memorize and recite. It’s certainly an easy way to get blog hits, but I’m not interested in doing it

Instead I suggest strive to become a better practitioner; in time you’ll reap much deeper rewards than the person who faked it.

Hopefully I can help you do that.